Coaching is a solution focused process that helps you clarify what you want and determine the steps needed to get there. It is Socratic in method, meaning we use powerful questions to open new spaces into which we build grounded and sustainable action plans.

Why would you want a coach?

If you want a change of some sort and you are ready to take steps to achieve it, you will benefit from having a coach…even if you are not quite sure what that change is yet. Examples might include:  work-life balance, changing careers, figuring out a first career (or 2nd or 3rd), improving relationships, improving your health practices, or working on spiritual clarity. If you are going through a challenging life transition and want guidance and support, you will benefit from having a coach. Examples might include:  death of someone close, divorce, starting a relationship, ending a relationship, coming out (gay, trans, whatever new identity), dealing with chronic illness, changing careers, changing religious affiliations, and unexpected life changes. If you want help increasing your sense of fulfillment, sense of success, groundedness, authenticity, clarity, life vision and sense of peace, coaching is for you.


Clarity of purpose and direction can feel elusive especially when we are bathed in data that is not our own. The daily barrage of information from social media alone distracts and disconnects us from knowing and being aligned with who we really are. Work with me and invite clarity into your life vision.


As your vision clears, the way forward becomes obvious. I will help you create your map and support you in walking the path.  Holding yourself accountable to the coaching relationship, your commitment to change is bolstered in ways not achievable alone.




The X that marks your spot is often a moving target. Life is a verb and fully engaging the process requires planning for maintenance. Together we will build sustainability into your map so your changes stay in place.

Shane Hennesey

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